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Hello Weekend Fun: RecycleFest

Hello Weekend Fun: RecycleFest

My Weekend Festivals and Local Fun blog posts are my favourite part of Wednesdays and today I’m sharing about (1) RecycleFest and (2) Ice Cream.
  • Weekend Festival:  RecycleFest at Trout Lake Park on Saturday, July 22
  • Local Fun: Go for ice cream as a family!
While completely different activities for you to participate in this weekend, both are fantastically family oriented.


RecycleFest is a local festival taking place at Trout Lake Park (Vancouver) on Saturday, July 22 from 10am to 3pm.  The main purpose of this family-fun event is to drop off any of  old or unwanted small appliances and power tools so they can be recycled properly.  However, this good-for-the-earth event is also good for families as it features:
  • Bouncy Castle.
  • Hot dog BBQ (good if you miss National Hot Dog Day on July 19).
  • Photo Booth.
  • Games and prizes.
RecycleFest caught my eye because it starts in the morning, meaning you could check it out before toddler nap-time.
I also like that it supports a cause I believe in.  I’m already teaching my toddler how to recycle. She knows we separate our waste and she takes yogurt containers to our blue bin for me.
Another perk of RecycleFest is that it fulfills a need. I seem to replace my hairdryer every couple years and I have a stack that I need to recycle – finally an easy opportunity to get these unwanted hairdryers out of my house.
To find more info on RecycleFest click here.
Mouse House Mom shares RecycleFest info
This is the poster for RecycleFest

Local Fun: Go for Ice Cream

I apologize, if you read my Summer Bucket List Check In post then you’ll know I still haven’t gone out for ice cream this summer.  If you get your ice cream in a cone then there’s no container to waste and you can keep with the reduce, reuse, recycle theme.
Weekend: Backyard Fun with Toddlers

Weekend: Backyard Fun with Toddlers

Hello Wednesday! Time to make weekend plans locally. My weekend festival is Aldergrove Fair Days. For local fun, I’m sharing 3 ways to maximize backyard fun with toddlers.

Weekend Festival: Aldergrove Fair Days

Check out Aldergrove Fair Days this weekend (July 15 and 16). The parade starts at 10am on Saturday, July 15 with a flower power theme. Catch the parade on Fraser Highway starting at 270 Street and ending at 273 Street.  Trooper is headlining the fair at 8pm on Saturday at the Aldergrove Athletic Park.

Shelby Hancock on maximizing backyard fun with toddlers

Local Fun: Maximizing Backyard Fun with Toddlers

It doesn’t get any more local than your own backyard.  Our backyard is fairly small, but we do have a lawn, small garden area, 4 potted tomato plants, and a concrete patio area where we can BBQ and sit at our patio table. In our own yard, we can have hours of fun with our toddler.
Below are my 3 tips for maximizing backyard fun all summer long with your toddler

1. Garden as a Family

I don’t have a green thumb, or even a green pinkie finger.  However, I still like to grow my own cherry tomatoes in pots. This usually starts as a fun task at the end of May and then we get lots of rain and I don’t need to water them nightly.  We are now in summer and watering the tomatoes has become a chore.  When you involve a toddler in a regular chore and see the task through their eyes it becomes fun and meaningful. On weekend mornings we water the plants in the back yard together – me with the hose, her with a 100 millilitre watering can.
Earlier this year we planted some marigolds and snap dragons in the front yard and my daughter loved getting her hands dirty and shoveling. Thankfully, I don’t care about my back garden since it’s only a tree and a dying hydrangea that the neighbour’s cat sleeps on. I let my daughter rake and dig (from her own garden set) in that back garden and it keeps her amused. A friend dropped some coins in her dirt pile and that brought out the inner archaeologist in my daughter.

2. Enjoy an Inflatable Pool

Inflatable kiddie pools can cost anywhere from $20 to $60 and there’s a large range in sizes. The baby sized pool is ideal for a baby that is able to sit up and splash. Consequently, the amount of water used is minimal. The next range tends to be slightly larger (two babies would fit) and the water level could get a bit higher.  From this size they just keep getting bigger and deeper. 


 We opted for a 3 ft by 4ft pool and we rarely fill above 8 inches deep.  This size pool means on a hot day my husband and I can both sit in the pool with our toddler. The neighbour kids also like to get in on the fun and it makes for a great afternoon of relaxing under the warm sun while endless laughs and splashes are enjoyed by all.
It is important to note that you can’t leave young ones unsupervised when the pool is filled – let’s be safe parents! Add some buckets, shovels, or even water bottles to the pool and you’ve got a new game to play.  After each weekend, we scoop out the water and use it to water our plants so we don’t waste the water.
Inflating tip: if you don’t have a special inflater then use your hairdryer to cover the hole and it will inflate. Remember to be quick fastening the hole once its filled.

3. Kicking and Throwing Balls

I fell in love with my house after we toured it and my husband described the backyard as the perfect size to play catch with his future kiddo. The yard and our kid have both lived up to my husband’s expectation. Walmart and even dollar stores have cheap balls of varying sizes.  We have beach balls, a soccer ball, and a football that we pass around.  At 16 months my daughter was mesmerized by our beach ball – it was soft, it was flimsy, and it was large enough for her to be able to swing her leg and make contact with it.  This summer she’s amazed by it, but likes throwing and kicking it. Most of all, she looks at her father and I like we are professional athletes when we can rally the ball back and forth.

I hope you find these tips fun. Stay hydrated, wear a hat, and don’t forget to to reapply sunscreen often!


Canada Day Weekend Fun

Canada Day Weekend Fun

This weekend is going to be a great long weekend with Canada Day falling on Saturday. I’m getting excited to wear my red and white and celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday.
This week, I’m highlighting Canada Day at Canada Place and for local fun, the Langley Canada Day JRBQ at Willoughby Community Park. There is no shortage of listings and directories online to view all of the Canada Day events from Vancouver to the valley. CTV has a comprehensive event listing here, which even has an interactive map.

Canada Day at Canada Place

This is a 2 day festival (Saturday and Sunday) taking place in the heart of downtown in Jack Poole Plaza and surrounding streets. Lots of info can be found online and I won’t reiterate it. However, I should emphasize that the “Kids Zone” hours are 1 PM to 4:40 PM on Saturday, whereas the main celebration begins at 9:45 AM with a Welcome Ceremony and concludes with fireworks 13 hours later.

Below are my 3 tips to make Canada Day at Canada Place a success:

  • Take public transit because parking is difficult and expensive.
    • If you are on the North Shore take the Seabus and if you are in the suburbs take Skytrain (and/or the bus to the Skytrain)
  • Bring snacks if you have little ones or if you hate line ups.
    • Vancouver is expensive and a few snacks thrown into a knapsack will go a long way. My go to snacks are: crackers, bananas, apples, and cucumber slices.  If I’m desperate I bring pouches for my 2 year old.  Food trucks, while tasty, are never cheap.
    • It could also be a long day away from home as festivities are planned from morning until the fireworks late in the evening. Pace yourself!
  • Take a time out.
    • I like to take a pause in Coal Harbour and sit on the grass. If you take the steps west of Jack Pool Plaza and walk the seawall you’ll come to a grassy area where you can chill out. This is where we’ve eaten dinner on Canada Day before. Most noteworthy was when we stopped at Save On Foods near  Olympic Village Station, bought a roast chicken dinner and hopped on the Canada Line down to Canada Place. A $12 dinner with a million dollar view!

Langley Canada Day JRBQ

This Saturday you can celebrate Canada Day without having to travel far. I was sold when I heard the Kids Zone would have inflatables, trains, and crafts. For more info check out this map of the festivities.

This event takes place at Willoughby Community Park. It begins at 11 AM and goes until 6 PM.


Happy Birthday Canada!

I hope you have an extra special Canada Day this year.

Shelby Hancock of Mouse House Mom highlights Canada Day Events Family pic
Showing our love of Canada in Walt Disney World.
Weekend Fun: McBurney Plaza & Campbell Valley

Weekend Fun: McBurney Plaza & Campbell Valley

Happy Wednesday to all!  Each Wednesday, I highlight a festival and local fun from Vancouver to the Fraser Valley. This week’s festival is the first event in the 2017 McBurney Plaza Summer Series in downtown Langley. As for local fun, I’m highlighting Campbell Valley Regional Park.

Weekend Festival and Local Fun McBurney Plaza

McBurney Plaza Summer Series: Science in the Plaza

This event takes place in downtown Langley at McBurney Plaza from 12 to 3 PM on Saturday, June 24.  Science World is taking to the road and will be doing live science shows at 12:30, 1:30, and 2:30pm.  Last week I took my 2 year old and nieces (9 and 11) to Science World and all three kiddos were surprisingly engaged watching the science shows. Get ready for occasional explosions, exploring electricity, and imploding marshmallows.

In addition to the shows, there are the spot activities, make and take science areas, and a discovery tent.

My 3 tips at McBurney Plaza:

  • Arrive early to find parking and get your kiddos seated for the science show.
  • There are some coffee shops and ice cream places along Fraser Hwy so plan to get a treat for you and one for the kids after.
  • This event is suitable for a stroller, if you require one.

McBurney Plaza is located at 20514 Fraser Hwy, Langley.  Website info:


Campbell Valley Regional Park

As a high-schooler, I ran cross country through Campbell Valley and I always loved how immersed in nature you’d feel. This week I took my nieces and 2 year old to the park for a walk. We enter the parking lot off of 16th Avenue (between 208 and 200 St), which takes us to the start of the Little River Loop. Detailed map can be found here.

The Little River Loop is a 2.2 kilometre trail on compact, crushed rock and over a few wooden boardwalks. Not all of these boardwalks have railings and while the fall off would be short, you’ll want to keep little ones close.

I opted for my baby carrier (the Ergo still fits my toddler on my back) instead of the stroller. The main reason I didn’t bring the stroller was I didn’t want a dirty stroller in my vehicle.

Weekend Festival and Local Fun McBurney Plaza
Hello from the Little River Loop.

Be prepared for birds and squirrels galore! I’m far from a bird watcher, but it was amazing to see the different colour birds around us. The kids loved running along the trail and searching for the biggest trees.  We measured the size of the trees by our ability to hold hands and hug the tree. Pack a snack and enjoy some time with nature and your kiddos!

Weekend Festival and Local Fun Campbell Valley
Campbell Valley fun with kids and squirrels.



For more information on fun in Langley, check out my Local: Langley page.

Festivals & Local Fun: Langley Community Day

Festivals & Local Fun: Langley Community Day


It must be Wednesday since I’m blogging about the local fun happening this weekend in Langley.  As a resident of Langley, I’m always impressed that we can find lots of fun on the weekends without having to drive far.  The highlighted festival this weekend is: Langley Community Day. The Local Fun this weekend is the Fort Langley National Historic Site.

Weekend Festivals and Local Fun - Langley Community Day

Festival: Langley Community Day (City of Langley)

This Saturday, June 17 from 11am to 3pm head over to the City of Langley Community Day festival. This festival is taking place at Douglas Park (20550 Douglas Crescent). The theme for 2017 is to honour Canada’s 150th birthday. Almost every 30 minutes a new act will be hitting the stage: from First Nations drummers to line dancers and even rock bands!

I’m looking forward to the Fire Rescue Kids Challenge to see how my munchkin will try her best to step up to the challenge.  Also interesting is that there will be both a Teen activity zone and a Kids activity zone. BBQ concession for those in need of lunch. Best of all, the Langley Community Day is free!

More info can be found here:

Local Fun: Fort Langley National Historic Site

This weekend the Fort Langley National Historic Site is hosting Aboriginal Day on Saturday and Sunday (June 17 and 18). Events are planned from 11am to 4:30pm.  There are 4 key events that are repeated three times each day.  I’d plan to be there, ready to participate, on the hour or half hour. In addition, I’d intend on being there for 2 hours to participate in each of they key events. The 4 key events are:

  • Drumming & storytelling
  • Native Plant Walk
  • Tour of the Salmon Walk
  • Salmon Run (family activity)

Best of all is that in 2017, admission to the Fort is free!

See Ya’ Later

See you at the City of Langley Community Day or at the Fort this weekend!


For additional information on staying Local in Langley check out my page: Local: Langley