About Me

About Me

Hello friends, my name is Shelby Hancock and I’m the Mouse House Mom.  My husband and I are parents to two girls (almost four year old and a baby).  We spent our dating and newlywed years living in downtown Vancouver, however, when we started our family, we moved to the suburbs (Langley).

I’m an avid runner who is always looking for a new challenge to keep up my motivation.

As a new mom, I found a passion for travelling and exploring. Experiencing a new culture or a “first” with my child puts a smile on my face that doesn’t wear off.  We visited Walt Disney World when our first was a baby and since then I’ve become obsessed with Disney vacations (planning them, taking them, daydreaming about them, etc.). This blog started due to my Disney vacation obsession, but has grown to focus on my life as a mom, runner, and meal prepare’r.

I have a fulfilling, full-time career in regulatory policy and since becoming a mom I’ve had to find balance in being a career-driven woman and being a hands-on parent, while also managing and prioritizing the other areas of my life (i.e., family, half marathon training, vacation planning, sleep, and adult responsibilities). UPDATE: I’m currently on parental leave and will be back in the office in October 2019.

I have always had a passion for cooking and a hate for following recipes. My husband is a sports fan and we love spending our Sunday’s from September to Super Bowl watching NFL.  During the summer you’ll find us outside chasing after our munchkins.

Follow me on Instagram and Twitter @mousehousemom or email: mousehousemom at gmail .com

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