Why I Suck at Being a Mom Blogger

Why I Suck at Being a Mom Blogger

For those of you reading this (aka my grandma), I thought it was time I confessed and came clean about something you probably suspected all along. I suck at being a mom blogger. I don’t need to sugar-coat it or pretend it isn’t true. I suck and I’m ok with that.

Just so we’re clear, I’ve written this lightheartedly and it is in no way vengeful to the amazing mom bloggers out there.

I’ve narrowed it down to the top 5 reasons why I suck at being a mom blogger:

  1. I took too long to finally find my niche.
  2. I don’t enjoy the behind the scenes shit.
  3. I lack photography skills.
  4. I don’t want to monetize my blog.
  5. I have bad eyebrows.

I think we’re all passed the “I’m-not-your-cookie-cutter-mom-blogger” niche. We get it, you’re still a bad ass mom that drops F-bombs or you’re the other side of the spectrum and you love Disney more than me, pack the perfect kids bento lunch, and sing in your church choir. We’re all moms trying to do our best, love our kids, and still have our own identity as we balance all that life has to throw at us. While embarrassing to admit, I thought I was special when I started blogging – could there ever have been a Disney loving, Fraser Valley dwelling, recipe creating, career advancing mom like me in the blogosphere? Yes, there’s 14 of them and the 1 with cuter kids lives in my own neighbourhood… that was a surprise!

I Took Too Long to Finally Find my Niche

I started this blog because I loved Disney vacations more than a woman in her 30s probably should. I’d commute to work listening to Podcasts about what was happening in Disneyland and Disneyworld so I was always aware of what new parade was coming or what festival was up next. I had a passion and I felt an online community was where I could communicate with other like minded Disnerds. I dreamed of being invited to a highly coveted Disney Social Media Moms Celebration.

My passions have shifted and now I’m running and training for a marathon. Running makes me happy and Disney World, with my fam, is my happy place. That’s my jam. You can’t take the Mouse out of Mouse House Mom. I’m a mother runner and that’s what this blog ought to be about.

I Don’t Enjoy the Behind the Scenes Shit

Soon after I started the blog, I became pregnant with my second daughter and lacked the energy to sustain weekly blog posts. It was also discouraging as I learned about search engine optimization and viewed my own websites stats. Every blog post I write is rated with a red, yellow, or green light based on my sentence structure, active versus passive voice, word usage, paragraph length, heading usage, etc.

I joined Facebook groups for fellow mom bloggers and instead of finding a community, I found more work. There’s a thing in the blogger community where you join a Facebook thread with specific actions. For instance, a post is created and you comment on it with a link to one of your blog posts or social media links and everyone that joins the post reciprocates the sharing or liking of each other’s links. Some posts would have 5 people participating while others would have 30. It is a lot of work resharing people’s content and I never wanted to ruin their stats so I’d read the blog post and stay on their website long enough that they wouldn’t get a bad bounce rate because of me.

To me, this isn’t genuine and participating in these threads never really helped my stats. I also found it stressful – waiting and wondering why Jayne from Arkansas wasn’t retweeting my post when she had committed to do so. To be honest, I only found a handful of people I connected with and I continue to view and share their content.

More recently, I’ve landed in a Facebook group that consists of other parent bloggers in my region and it’s been good to make connections. For the heck of it, I’ll share this post in that group.

I want organic growth of my blog, not like for like, my hubby has a different term for the inorganic scheme, but since my mom and grandma are devoted readers I won’t repeat it.

I Lack Photography Skills

I am not into photography. I have that personality that makes me want to be in photos and not be taking them. Mouse House Dad loves me a lot and will take my photos for me when asked, but it’s not something he enjoys doing according to the unimpressed look on his face. I also find when I do something that is “Instagrammable” I’m usually caught up in the moment and don’t take photos. I’ve thrown some great dinner parties where no photos of the amazing food spread were taken.

I have started to use filters and after my neighbours snickered about how I was becoming orange in my posts, I tried to find better filters. Yes, this is still a work in progress.

I Don’t Want to Monetize My Blog

I have a career and I have no need to supplement my income with a side hustle. Aside from paying for my website, I’m not incurring costs by blogging. I have received some perks because of the blog, but I can count those on 1 hand. Financial motivation can really help a person succeed and without that motivation, I’ll continue to suck.

While I’m not out to make money, I am still open to collaborations. Disney, Greater Vancouver Zoo, Royal Victoria Marathon, Tesla, West Jet, running shoe companies – call me! *insert winky face emoji*

I Have Bad Eyebrows

Who knew on fleek eyebrows were a demand of the mom blog community!?! If you’re not rocking henna, microbladed, or powdered brows are you even allowed to call yourself a mom blogger? The answer is no.

I have no desire to mess with these brows of mine because those treatments scare the shit out of me. I’m not judging you for doing it, but I went down the rabbit hole online of viewing microblading gone bad, I’ll never get the courage to try it! My brow upkeep is occasional tweezing when it should probably be weekly tweezing. The ends of my brows are over-tweezed thanks to starting high school in the 90s. Then the opposite end is minutes away from entering unibrow territory.

While my eyebrows suck (like my blogging), I do have pretty awesome balayage hair. I survived post partum hair loss by splurging on my hair with balayage. Blogging and balayage go together like avocado and toast.

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Now What?

Since I just admitted my faults and acknowledged that I suck as a blogger, I should probably address what’s next. I still want a creative outlet to share my goals, my passions, my successes and my failures. I am training for a marathon in October 2020, but that’s only the start of my BIG goal.

If you ever come back to my blog, I hope you’ll be able to read about my running, fueling for running, balancing long runs with little kids, and other fun running related topics. I might not be posting any new Disney vacation tips or top ten lists for how to get your kids ready faster before work, but hopefully you can find that from another amazing mom blogger with better eyebrows than I’ll ever have.

Leave me a comment and let me know what content you want to read about in a future Mouse House Mom blog post.

3 thoughts on “Why I Suck at Being a Mom Blogger

  1. We change, life changes and moving forward and doing what you love is a good thing. Stay healthy and true to who you are and all the pieces will fall into place. Keep rocking your blog and let it fuel you, not empty you out.

  2. I’m so glad to see your blog. You always wrote well, and this is an excellent outlet. Being a mom is tough, and thank goodness you have family, career and personal activities to round you out. Realistically, your struggles make you relatable, and interesting. Power on! And your eyebrows are great. Mine are so blonde, I have to draw them on every day…😊

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