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Month: August 2018

Summer Somethings To Do List

Summer Somethings To Do List

August is upon us now and while our family had some big summer Bucket List items to tackle on weekends, we are trying to avoid mundane weekdays.  The following list is what I’ve compiled as my “summer somethings” – they’re items not Bucket List worthy.  Summer somethings are activities you can do on weekdays.  If you’re like me, you find yourself making breakfast trying to think of something fun to do with the kiddos later that day. You may find some of these activities rather simple, but my hope is they help you get out of the house and have some fun without too much prep work or planning.


Summer Somethings List

  • Go for a bike ride (or scooter or pedal car ride)
  • Trail walk
  • Backyard kiddie pool or sprinkler
  • Go berry picking at a local farm
  • Library
  • Visit the zoo
  • Family movie at the local theatre
  • Spray park
  • Picnic in the park
  • Local rec centre drop-in activities
  • Park hopping in the city
  • Game On: play some street hockey or lacrosse
  • Build forts (inside or out)
  • Involve the kids in making homemade salsa
  • Water balloon fight
  • Chalk up some hop scotch squares
  • Farmer’s market
  • Water the garden with kids

Some of these activities are self explanatory, but I’ve expanded on some below.


The Fraser Valley Regional Library is hosting a great summer reading program.  Check out the website for events and regular activities like Storytime and Babytime.


Park Hopping in the City

We live about an hour from Vancouver on public transit.  If we exit the Skytrain at Science World Station we can walk to a newly built park beside Science World.  From there we walk a fair distance (bring a stroller if your tot hates walking) to the Yaletown side of the Cambie Street bridge along the seawall.  Under the bridge is another park (Coopers Park) with some older equipment, but has plenty of slides.  From there you walk through Yaletown to Emery Barnes Park at Davie and Richards.  There is also a fourth park you could enjoy at David Lam Park if you continue along the water.

Fun at local Farmer's Market
Fun at local Farmer’s Market


Homemade Salsa

Anyone else growing cherry tomatoes? I love taking a few handfuls of cherry tomatoes from my plants, cutting them in half and mixing with some white onion, lime juice, a few cilantro leaves, and seasoning it all with salt, pepper, and cumin. I like a ratio of 1:4 for onion and tomatoes.

Mouse House Mom Fence Staining turned fun
Last year’s crop was much better.

Summer Summary

How are you planning on spending the rest of your summer?