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Month: January 2018

10 Reasons It Will Be Easier With Baby #2

10 Reasons It Will Be Easier With Baby #2

Below are 10 reasons I’m telling myself it will be easier with baby #2. With only a few more months to go until baby #2 arrives, I’m getting nervous for how I’ll adapt to parenting two kiddos instead of one.

1. I’ve already seen every shade of poo.

I’ll never forget Googling baby poo colours and being really scared for what the results might yield. It wasn’t just the colour it was frequency, consistency, etc. Having seen it all before I think I won’t be such a worry wart.

2. After 2.5 years of breastfeeding I feel like I know how it works.

This was a major challenge as a first time mom, but I relied on our Public Health Unit nurses to help me through it and in the end I got the hang of it.

3. I’ve got mad diapering skills.

Before my daughter I had only changed 1 diaper and that was 1 diaper more than my husband’s record.

4. No need to watch YouTube videos to figure out how to swaddle.

Maternity ward nurses can swaddle like pros, but it took me and the hubby a bit longer to figure it out on our own. Now we can turn my daughter’s dolls into burritos with their blankets in a flash.

5. Sleep deprivation isn’t something new – that’s old hat the past 3 years.

I was a 10 hour per night sleeper before kids and the sudden reduction was probably the biggest shock to my system.

6. I now have Netflix installed in my bedroom.

This has nothing to do with baby #2 other than I can lounge in bed with a good show while baby #2 naps in the bassinet.

7. I can put my Ergo Baby Carrier on with my eyes closed.

Wearing your baby means freedom for you. While I won’t fry bacon in my Ergo (or in the nude), I will vacuum, grocery shop, and maneuver airports like a boss. It’s not just freedom, it’s a close intimate cuddle with your love bug!

8. As freak-out first time mom, I bought every 0-3 month style sleep sack so I’m ready with options.

My daughter ended up liking one sleep sack (free leg style), but that didn’t stop me from buying every style out there while we searched for the holy grail.

9. Car seats no longer scare me.

I’ve joined multiple Facebook groups on Car Seat Safety and consulted Car Seat Techs and manuals.  I know the do’s and don’ts and follow them religiously.

10. My toddler is happy and healthy.

 I didn’t totally screw up the first one so I must be doing something right and this is giving me confidence I never had the first time.
Mouse House Mom's 10 Reasons why it will be easier with Baby #2
Mouse House Mom’s 10 Reasons why it will be easier with Baby #2
Thanks friends for reading! Do you have any tips on how to balance a toddler and a baby? Please let me know in the comments below.
Pregnancy Annoucement!

Pregnancy Annoucement!

I made it official on social media earlier, but consider this my Pregnancy Announcement for the blog!

I’m nearing my third trimester and its been a rough ride thus far. However, I really can’t complain since the baby in my belly is healthy and growing as it should.  I hate calling my baby an “it”, but we are waiting until delivery day to find out the gender.

Mouse House Mom,  Shelby Hancock, pregnancy annoucement
Mouse House Mom is pregnant!

Pregnancy Running Update:

I’ve tried to keep my running routine up, but in the last week its dwindled down to almost non-existent due to a sinus infection wiping me out. I think I’ll be able to run/walk into my third trimester, but the 10 km runs are all in the past.

Pregnancy Announcement: Run Baby Run
Run Baby Run