Pregnancy Annoucement!

Pregnancy Annoucement!

I made it official on social media earlier, but consider this my Pregnancy Announcement for the blog!

I’m nearing my third trimester and its been a rough ride thus far. However, I really can’t complain since the baby in my belly is healthy and growing as it should.  I hate calling my baby an “it”, but we are waiting until delivery day to find out the gender.

Mouse House Mom,  Shelby Hancock, pregnancy annoucement
Mouse House Mom is pregnant!

Pregnancy Running Update:

I’ve tried to keep my running routine up, but in the last week its dwindled down to almost non-existent due to a sinus infection wiping me out. I think I’ll be able to run/walk into my third trimester, but the 10 km runs are all in the past.

Pregnancy Announcement: Run Baby Run
Run Baby Run

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