Weekend Fun: Abbotsford Berry Festival

Weekend Fun: Abbotsford Berry Festival

Happy Wednesday to all!  Each Wednesday, I highlight a festival and local fun from Vancouver to the Fraser Valley. This week’s festival is the Abbotsford Berry Festival on Saturday, July 8. As for local fun, I’m highlighting the simplicity of a family bike ride.


Abbotsford Berry Festival

New this year, the Abbotsford Berry Festival is a ONE day event happening Saturday, July 8 from 9am to 9pm in downtown Abbotsford. I grew up in Abbotsford and this wasn’t a big deal to attend. However, in recent years, the downtown has been revitalized. Walking down Montrose Avenue you encounter coffee shops, home decor collectives, baby boutiques, and restaurants. We drove out to the Abbotsford Berry Festival (or BerryFest, for the cool kids) last year with my then 1 year old. It was the perfect excuse to drive the 25 minutes from Langley to visit our favourite baby store [Precious Kargo], buy raspberries and strawberries, and eat some good food as we walked down the streets. We even got to see a horse and a police car – pretty big deal for an afternoon out. This isn’t the PNE or state fair so there is a chance of boredom, but if you are looking to get out of the house and have a nice afternoon then I suggest you head to the Abbotsford Berry Festival.

3 Things to Know at the Abbotsford Berry Festival

  1. Admission is free!
    • Just mosey down the road into the heart of the festival. The web info is limited, but in the past the centre of the festival was Montrose Avenue and Essendene Avenue and one block out in each direction from here.
  2. The Ferris Wheel and Berry-Go-Round are $2 per person per ride.
    • What they lack in rides, they make up for in subsidized ride tickets! My little family can ride the Ferris Wheel for $6.
  3. Plan to stop for a snack a long the way.
    • Food trucks will be in attendance (I hear there’s RAMEN!) and the local coffee shops also offer delicious baked goods.


Local Fun: Family Bike Rides

One hand-me-down baby item that I knew I’d come to love, was the bike trailer attachment for my Chariot Double Cheetah running stroller.  We have been enjoying a slower pace on weekends and morning bike rides are becoming the norm. We rented bikes last summer and setting up the bike trailer was a time consuming, pain in the butt.  In order to make family bike rides a hassle-free experience we made space in our garage so that I can put my bike away and leave the bike trailer attached to my bike.  Now we can go for spontaneous bike rides.

We’ve been exploring Willoughby and even throwing the Munchkin’s scooter into the pouch on my bike trailer. We can then ride to an elementary school and let our Munchkin out of the trailer to practice on her scooter or play on the playground. I find giving her a toy or two helps keep her interested in our bike rides. I also stop to look at ducks in ponds, or to see puppies and we are constantly in dialogue while we ride. Give it a try and please share with me how your family bike riding goes.



Mouse House Mom Abbotsford Berry Festival and family bike rides
Somebody is ready for a bike ride.


Happy trails,

Shelby Hancock

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