Disneyland Side Trip: LA Angels of Anaheim

Disneyland Side Trip: LA Angels of Anaheim

In honour of Father’s Day this weekend, I’m dedicating this post to a fun activity dad will love: LA Angels of Anaheim baseball game!

Last month we had an amazing Disneyland vacation where I was able to research first-hand how to have a successful time at a LA Angels of Anaheim baseball game.

Angels Game on Disneyland vacation
Happy Father’s Day from section 104!

Afternoon or Evening Angels Game

We opted for an afternoon game to give us some mid-day enjoyment. In reviewing the LA Angels of Anaheim schedule it appears that their home games on Saturdays are 6:07 PM and Sundays are 12:37 PM. As for weeknight home games, those appear to be scheduled for 7:07 PM.

If you choose an afternoon game then try to get a seat in the shade. This can be done by picking seats on the third base side, especially the 200 level. We sat third base side, section 104, row 3 (by the foul post), and were in sun the entire time.  If we moved probably 15 rows up in this 100 level we could have been shaded.  That said, we had amazing views!

Angels Merchandise

My husband has a very specific fitted hat size and whenever we travel we always support the home team.  To be sure he’d have an Angels hat we purchased them online a month before our Disneyland vacation.  This way we had the hats for the entire trip and it was fun to walk through the Vancouver airport at the start of our trip being all matchy-matchy.  The stadium had no shortage of shirts, hats, and other merchandise to purchase.

Angels Game on Disneyland vacation
Take me out to the ball game

Angels Stadium Logistics

We rented a car for our vacation and from Harbor and Katella we had about an 8 minute drive to the Stadium.  Directions were simple and we didn’t even need to plug it into the GPS.  Parking at the stadium was $10 and the walk to the closest gate was no more than a minute or two.

I spoke with our hotel staff who advised that Uber would cost $10 and a taxi would be a bit more.  We opted for a rental car because of car seat requirements.

The “Will Call” line was where we had to obtain our tickets and we only had one person in front of us in line.  As for the line-up for security and getting in the park, that moved quickly as well. No bottle necks, at least not 15 minutes before the first pitch in what we experienced.

Buy Me Some Peanuts & Cracker Jacks

While the stadium had various food options ranging from hot dogs to poke, we stuck with regular ballgame food. Hot dogs, popcorn, and water were all priced similar to Disneyland. As a Canadian, I felt that the prices were more reasonable than what we pay at sporting events back home.

Mouse House Mom’s 3 Tips for LA Angels of Anaheim Game

My 3 tips for a successful trip to an LA Angels of Anaheim game are as follows:

  1. Bring a hat and sunscreen.
    • You could be sitting for a few hours and that much sun will cause a burn if you don’t reapply sunscreen often.
  2. Leave the stroller at the hotel.
    • While I had heard there was stroller parking “if it didn’t fit under your seat” I didn’t see anyone outside of the stadium or inside with a stroller. The walk from the parking lot wasn’t far so unless your balancing multiples under 2, I’d go sans stroller. A baby carrier would work, although we did not use one.
  3. Explore the stadium.
    • My munchkin loved walking around the stadium and exploring. We even found a patch of turf and some balls to play with in between innings. If you explore during an inning it won’t be as crowded!


Have fun and happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!

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