Fun + Festivals: Italian Day on the Drive 2017

Fun + Festivals: Italian Day on the Drive 2017

Local Events: Italian Day on the Drive 2017
Local Events for June 10 to 11 from Vancouver to Langley

Every Wednesday I’ll be updating you on some local fun from Langley to Vancouver, BC.  I live in Langley and I’m finding it a great place for my little family. We always find lots of fun on the weekends without having to drive far.  This weekends highlighted festival is: Italian Day on the Drive. Local fun this weekend are the spray parks in the Township of Langley.

Italian Day on the Drive

This Sunday, June 11, is a favourite festival of ours: Italian Day on the Drive [Commercial Drive, Vancouver, BC].  I’ll admit that since having our daughter in 2015 we haven’t made it to Italian Day on the Drive.  While there are four different stages all featuring entertainment, the main draw for attending is to eat.

This event is always crowded so I’d suggest using a baby carrier instead of a stroller. Think crowded like Disneyland crowds, but without the convenience of stroller parking. Since the weather isn’t supposed to be sunny and hot this may help ease the crowds.

Below are my three must do things for Italian Day on the Drive in Vancouver in chronological order. Hours are 12pm to 8pm.

1. Take Public Transit to Commercial Drive, Vancouver

  • Arrive via Skytrain. It will be less than 1 hour from Carvolth Exchange in Langley and shorter from Surrey Skytrain stations.  You’ll want to exit at Commercial Drive station and walk north up Commercial Drive. The event starts at N. Grandview Highway and goes up Commercial to Venables.  Most of the fun will be up between 3rd Avenue and Charles Street.

2. Get a BBQ’d Italian Sausage from the First Ravioli Store

  • This is located at 3rd Avenue (SE corner).  Throughout the year we buy fresh pasta from First Ravioli Store, but at Italian Day on the Drive we always stop here for a delicious BBQ’d Italian sausage in a bun.  My husband loves that they have marinated eggplant in their condiments selection, which we now copy at home for our upscale hot dog nights!

3. Espresso and Pizza from Abruzzo Cafe

  •  Six blocks up from the First Ravioli Store you’ll have covered a lot of ground and probably watched a performance or two on the stages.  This is where you go for an espresso and a slice of pizza. You won’t be disappointed and your kids will love the pizza!  Rest your legs at a table – there’s a back room with additional seating for watching televised soccer games.  Now you’ll be ready to conquer the Drive back to the Skytrain station.

Find more info here: which includes a map of where each stage is.

Local Fun in Langley

Be sure to check out the Spray Parks in the Township of Langley.  Since the two Township of Langley outdoor pools have yet to open up the spray parks are a great place to cool off.  And unlike outdoor pools, they are free! Spray parks are running daily from 10am to 8:30pm when the forecasted temperature is 18 degrees Celsius or higher for that day.  The Township of Langley has five spray parks to choose from, with the Willoughby Community Park being my favourite. You can find out more at my Local: Langley page.

Have a great weekend!


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